Tribal Initiatives

Chengal Pudur is a small hamlet in the Droog hills of the Nilgiris that the Earth Trust has been involved with for over a decade. Seventeen Kurumba tribal families call it home. With a grant from The Hans Foundation in New Delhi. At a total cost of Rs 12 lakhs, we have built a 1 –kilometre perimeter fence and gate, constructed 4 toilets, built a Medicine Production Unit for the women– around450 sq ft, provided equipment to run it like trays, vessels, storage bins. We provided solar lights with small solar panels and smokeless chulas (stoves)for all dwellings. repaired roofs of all the houses partially by providing new corrugated zinc sheets to cover an area of 300 sq. feet each. We gave each family a 1000 litre rain water storage tank, three hens and a cock with a chicken coop to protect them from mongoose, eagles and wild cats , started a medicinal plant nursery, bought 4 cows, helped with a cane unit and sent two women to Poonthottam Ayurvedashram in Kalakadu Kerala, to get trained in a medicine making unit. After ET’s intervention, they now have electricity and running water. This one small paragraph describes a whole, up-scaling of the quality of life and living for these 17 families. 


         Visitors from Cornell University listening to Vanya raptly 


          The Kurumba villagers in earnest discussion with ET staff