Skill Development Programme for Women

Core Focus: •To empower women in remote villages achieve some level of economic independence through vocational training on site, thereby equipping them to become proactive agents of change.


In the Nilgiris there are different tribal & non tribal women who are working under varied situations like agricultural labourers, tea pluckers, small scale industry workers & home makers. These women are not assured of regular employment due to seasonal variations. Our programme helps them address this uncertainty factor. We teach them to use their time creatively with potential for earning. We bring these women together for a period of three months and equip them with self employment skills. We also encourage local leadership. We are not about numbers. The next woman we teach in the next remote village may become the torch bearer for Earth Trust in the years to come. 



•To empower rural women by teaching new skills through Tailoring & Knitting, crochet and other hand work. 

•To help them grow a kitchen garden, herbs, dry them, make basic infusions and become conscious of safe- food.  

•Help to build self-confidence, self- reliance, peer-support & create self-employment opportunities for these women. 

•To reduce financial vulnerability and dependency in the community of our project area. 

•To enable women to develop in mind, body and spirit. 

•Provide necessary support for marketing their products.   



•The Health and Skill Development Programmes are held in tandem. Some of the activities overlap. 

•The Village Head gives Earth Trust the use of the Community hall for the duration of the training.  

•We transport our sewing machines, sometimes to really remote villages. 

•The women are taught sewing of simple garments followed by more elaborate ones. 

•They learn to knit, crochet, embroidery, other hand work grow herbs, dry them. All of these skills have potential for self-employment. 

•The women are taken on exposure visits to Organic farms and craft related Institutions. 

•As part of our environmental thrust, the women learn the importance of maintaining their water sources, springs, water bodies and grasslands in their villages. 

•At the end of the programme trainees are evaluated. 

•Issuing of Certificate for course completion  Follow ups / Monitoring 



•Women are now supporting their families by generating income directly and indirectly.  

•The direct income is through making sweaters and selling it within the village and stitching clothes. 

•The indirect income is -savings on tailoring bills and buying sweaters. Above all it generates a sense of fulfilling and active contribution to family finances.  

•The women gain in self- worth. 

•The Trainees have an option to buy sewing –machines, take orders from their neighbours and others. 

•Women’s empowerment will be ensured to some extent 

•The benefits also go far beyond financial stability by helping build strong communities and giving them a warm sense of accomplishment, dignity and pride. 

•The trained women are provided with a certificate which helps them in getting loans and jobs opportunities