Womens’ Health Programme

Core Focus: Optimal health through Established local Nutrition, Traditional and Alternate healing Therapies


The Earth Trust honours the fact that women have to juggle their times between their various roles as wife, mother, grandmother, agricultural worker etc. We therefore take our programmes to remote villages. This provides an ease of access that encourages participation. The women become proactive agents of change. 



•To empower rural women by teaching them to take responsibility for their health and through them, that of their families and communities.  

•To inform them of various healing systems including traditional ones available.  

•To be pro-active about their health instead of re-active.  

•To build self confidence, to create bonds with the larger community of women in the villages. 

•To reduce vulnerability arising out of malnutrition. 

•To learn to address delicate issues of family dynamics which lead to stress-related diseases. 

•To bring back traditional eating patterns that promote health. 

•To document old herbal remedies and basic home medicines •Conduct health camps for basic screening  


The 12-module syllabus is held over thirteen weeks. Women are taught basic homemade remedies for primary health care. They are also taught nutrition, disease classification, basic hygiene, child care, breathing exercises, simple physical exercises, yoga, meditation, massage for stress management, beside other energy therapies like Reiki, Quantum Touch therapy, and Reflexology. The Advanced training programme includes Herbal Medicine preparation, setting up of an Herbal Garden using indigenous plants; first Aid and basic Homeopathy. We also train key village women in primary health care to provide counseling and therapy. We acknowledge that every person is unique and that by informing and teaching them various methods and systems for healing, we are offering them a choice. Our target going forward continues to be 3 villages in a year, 3 months in each village. 



•Women will be able to monitor the health of their families and communities. 

•The Tribal women's’ group make and sell some of their traditional home remedies oils and Ayurvedic preparations. This generates a sense of fulfilling and active contribution to family finances. The women gain in self-confidence.

•We encourage them to grow their own kitchen herbal & vegetable garden. 

•As an unexpected and invaluable result we also found that the women who had previously been isolated at home found friends and a new supporting community over the 3-month training period. They gradually develop the confidence to start discussing their health issues and family problems in a supportive environment. 

•The villages we work with are of farming communities so we take them for exposure visits -to organic farming fields where they gain awareness about farming practices, plants that promote health and herbal plants .

•In the future post-oil scenario, it is absolutely vital that there is a focus & a new dynamic for local facilities and sustainability in all areas of life be it food or health concerns.