Farming Programme

Core Focus

  • Safe food and sustainable livelihoods through Natural/Organic farming practices
  • To bring back living soil and waters to the Nilgiri Hills once again

Having demonstrated the sustainability and economic viability of organic farming for over a decade, ET receives many requests from farmers who wish to come under our umbrella. Our protocols for Organic/Natural farming have been fine-tuned over a dozen years of experience. Regular evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of outreach activities are done. We are constantly updating our delivery mechanisms though the message is just the same- stop poisoning the Earth. All else flows from that one single focus. Our track record as ethical 'middlemen' has led to the Earth Trust name becoming synonymous with the Organic farming movement in the Nilgiris. Beyond the economical activity of growing vegetables we actively encourage the farmer to grow vegetables for her/his own family consumption.  


  Earth Trust Resource farm at "Holabettu"-'Mountain farm'


Objectives and Activities

  • Guiding farmers on land preparation, planting and crop cycles, rain-water harvesting systems
  • Provide technical know how throughout 
  • Motivating, Monitoring and Mentoring 
  • Knowledge dissemination sessions at The Earth Trust Resource Farms Training programmes conducted by experts 
  • Facilitating organic certification 
  • Indentifying markets and matching demand and supply. 
  • Providing a farmer protection Price (FPP)-their safety – net  
  • Eliminating the middle man. 
  • Ensuring regular payments to farmers 



We focus on health, nutrition and economic viability and sustainability of chemical-free farming. At the end of the day, the farmer wants to see the figures in his bank-pass book growing. Words like climate-change have no relevance in his day to day activities. We buy and sell his produce. Our farmers are paid fortnightly. By eliminating the middleman, we have made this whole exercise a win-win one. 

Under UNESCO’s Man And Biosphere(MAB) programme, the Nilgiris was designated a Biodiversity hotspot of India in 1986. Environmental stewardship is what guides our course. Each farmer who joins us is one small step towards our primary agenda - bringing back living soil and waters to the Nilgiris.