·   Earth Trust, its employees and well wishers gratefully acknowledge

·  Vanya Orr for her visionary and tireless effort for setting up a pioneering

   movement, training a team of dedicated ‘organic fanatics’

·  David Pople of Friends of H.O.P.E. Charity who sourced donors from U.K.-based

   charities and supported us for nearly a decade.

·  Mr. Phil Crook who underwrote the Eco Club Programme for a decade.

·  The Hans Foundation New Delhi for its generous and continuing support for


·  The TNAU and HRS Ooty, for their involved support and promoting ET’s work 

·  Geoffrey Roy of Travel and Roll whose photographs bring out the spirit of ET

·  Sharad Agarwal who nursed our nascent web-site uncomplainingly

·  Malati Mukherji who helped put us on the Global Giving web-site

·  Col.V Cherian(retd), Mr.V. Ramakrishnan and Dr.N.Ramakrishnan who were there

   for ET when most needed

·  Local sponsors who have supported and continue to support with small but,

  meaningful sums of money

  Any support to further the effort will be gratefully received and acknowledged