1. FAO project 2007-2008 for growing of aromatic plants like rosemary thyme etc and distillation  

2. Publishing of a handy book in Tamil on Natural/Organic Farming  for school children .


Eco-Club - Essence

A simple guide to Organic Agriculture for children in Tamil by A. Alexander and J.K. Mohan, formerly Earth Trust


3. From Global Giving field audit visit ,quote from the In-the-Field Traveler, October 2017

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1. NUMBER of organic farmers certified by et over the last five years  

     * From 14 in 2013 to 45 in 2017  

     * Growth of 320% 


     *  Stands at an averaged ₹ 1,83,170 today versus ₹ 44,240 in 2013

     *  Growth over 400% in 5 years 

3. INCOME PER ACRE has increased from ₹77,400 to ₹ 2,59,490 in 2017 

4. TOTAL AREA under organic cultivation : 

     *  Increased from 8 acres in 2013 to 36 acres in 2017 - growth 350% 

     *   Per farmer organic land area is around 0.7 acres from 0.57 acres - growth 122% 

5.  ET HEALTH PROGRAM has trained over 400 women in health management and organic herb gardening in over 20 villages. 

     *   Helped establish close to 200 herb kitchen gardens in these sites. 

6. ET SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM has trained 400 women in tailoring, knitting 

7. ET ECO CLUB has schooled over 200 rainbow warriors in close to 10 schools.